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Tacticom International provides innovative and specialised Protection Services, striving to be the first choice for any individual or organization seeking solutions to security-related issues.

Our management team is made-up of creative and dynamic professionals, effectively integrating the latest technologies and hardware, simplifying the work-flow, boosting the efficiency of our company ensuring operational superiority. Perseverance, commitment and the need to simplify complex problems are paramount to our success.

Our VIP / Executive Protectors are trained to protect Corporates, VIP’s and private individuals, likewise securing facilities or high-value assets.

Our Officers provide protection, blending into your operational environment, at static locations or while in transit, whether it be on business or on holidays trips.

Tacticom recognises the importance of security. We have a unique approach.

We can blend into any environment, securing property or people in static locations or while in transit.

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We Protect

We protect companies and individuals

From CEO’s, influential individuals, celebrities, business who transport valuable goods, logistical companies, mines, jewellery stores, people on holiday to large tour groups.

PSIRA NR: 2061338


Sur Le Mont, 212 Rollo Place, Murrayfield, Pretoria (South Africa)