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Protection of our clients high value assets, effectively integrating people and technology, adding more value to our clients’ security operations



To be leaders in the specialised security industry, by means of technological superiority and integration, protecting corporations in the 21st century.

Tacticom Innovation

We are bringing a new approach to the specialised protection industry.


Companies are facing ever-increasing expenditures and downscaling of its workforce. A new innovative approach is needed to resolve the challenges of the future. Integration of technology and workforce increases situational awareness, boosting efficiency, improving operational intelligence. We are not replacing specialised security personnel, but enhancing them to provide a well balanced and cost-effective solution reducing monthly expenditures.


Even after the Close Protectors completes their duties, the installed technologies will protect for many years to come ensuring long-term security.

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Company Overview

TACTICOM SECURITY (Est 2010) is a provider of Specialised
Security Solutions, protecting corporations most valuable assets.
Tacticom is built around a team of dynamic professionals, striving to be the first choice for any individual or organization seeking specialised & tailored solutions.

We can protect CEO’s, board members, staff and other mission-critical assets at static locations or while in-transit, in urban or
rural locations. We can protect individuals or large groups,
providing security in the corporate, remote and hostile
environments. We provide both covert and highly visible
protection details, depending on the specific needs of the client.

Commitment and simplicity are paramount to our success, we
achieve this by integrating various security measures. We
provide our workforce with up-to-date information by
monitoring physical security, electronics and software. This
boosts the efficiency of our work force, ensuring operational

“Stand strong, be exceptional”

We are prepared for our unrelenting pursuit to protect you and your assets, to the best our ability.

We strive to be the best at what we do, not providing just a sufficient service, but exceptional.

PSIRA NR: 2061338


Sur Le Mont, 212 Rollo Place, Murrayfield, Pretoria (South Africa)