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More money buys you less security?

4 July 2019

We’ve written about so-called digital padlocks before, usually not very enthusiastically. That’s because we’ve usually been reporting on some sort of cybersecurity blunder that has made these locks very much less secure than their owners probably thought.

Violence in South Sudan claims more than 100 lives

4 July 2019

South Sudan’s army and several armed groups killed more than 100 civilians in a surge in violence in a southern region of the country after a peace deal was signed last year, a UN report said.

SA must dig deeper for a solution to illegal mining

25 June 2019

Poverty propels most illegal miners into the industry, but ruthless criminal syndicates are equally responsible.

Restoring Calm in Ethiopia

25 June 2019

The shocking murders of five high-ranking officials have exposed the gravity of Ethiopia’s crisis. To mitigate risks, politicians should refrain from doing or saying anything provocative, while the federal government take urgent steps to heal deep and dangerous internal rifts.

Spy Satellites May Give Edge From Above

1 February 2019

The time of businesses being able to hide may be over. Spy satellites will be giving an edge from above. Businesses will not be able to hide from competitors or regulators or watchdogs.

31 January 2019

The Sudanese army issued a statement saying it would not allow the state to collapse, following weeks of protests demanding an end to President Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year rule.

Oilfield to remain closed until occupiers leave

30 January 2019

Libya’s biggest oilfield, El Sharara, will remain shut until an armed group occupying the site leaves, the head of National Oil Corp (NOC) said, more than a month after the field closed due to a protest.

29 January 2019

Cameroonian authorities arrested opposition leader Maurice Kamto his lawyer said after weekend protests security forces dispersed with live bullets, wounding six people.

Terror a worsening threat for Kenya

29 January 2019

The dusitD2attack shows that the terror threat is far from over, and is increasingly a local problem. These incidents suggest a trend of home-grown terrorists acting against their own country.

Drones vs


29 January 2019

Last December, during the holiday rush, Gatwick airport, the second busiest of the UK, behind Heathrow, was paralyzed for three days due to drone sightings.

28 January 2019

Islamic State carried out an attack on Egyptian security forces in Sinai a week ago and captured a Christian criminal research expert, the militant group said.

Crisis Group’s early-warning Watch List 

28 January 2019

Crisis Group’s early-warning Watch List identifies up to ten countries and regions at risk of conflict or escalation of violence which includes Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Iran, Myanmar.

Spy Satellites May Give Edge From Above

24 January 2019

The time of businesses being able to hide may be over. Spy satellites will be giving an edge from above. Businesses will not be able to hide from competitors or regulators or watchdogs.

24 January 2019

Venezuela is in the midst of a deep political crisis that could turn extremely dangerous. On January 23rd, the 35-year-old Juan Guiado declared himself president of Venezuela

Militants killed in Sinai. Reuters reports.

23 January 2019

Egyptian security forces killed 59 militants in the Sinai Peninsula and lost seven of their own. The military released a statement recently and reported this.

Talk Africa: Kenya’s War on Terrorism

22 January 2019

The afternoon of January 15th saw four armed gunmen and a suicide bomber storm the Dusit D2 hotel complex at 14 Riverside Drive in Kenya’s capital-Nairobi.

DR Congo: Talks to Find a Way Out of the Crisis

19 January 2019

The DR Congo is facing a major political crisis over the 30 December election’s result. A recount would allow subsequent negotiations to take place on the basis of a clear understanding of who won.

Al-Shabaab Attack Kills 15 at Hotel Complex in Nairobi

16 January 2019

Somali Islamist militant group al-Shabaab attacked DusitD2, an upscale hotel complex in the Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, killing at least one person and injuring several others, Reuters reported.

DR Congo opposition apparently talking to Kabila

9 January 2019

A Congolese presidential candidate’s representatives apparently met with outgoing President Joseph Kabila’s camp. This meeting was to ensure a peaceful transfer of power.

Human trafficking worsens in conflict zones

9 January 2019

Human trafficking is becoming more “horrific” in conflict zones, where armed groups keep women as sex slaves and use child soldiers to spread fear, the United Nations said on Monday.

Huge cocaine bust in port of Ngqura

9 January 2019

The Directorate of Priority Crime, also well-known as the Hawks, have seized a massive haul of cocaine in the port of Ngqura with a street value of R720 million. 

Conflict and Drugs in Myanmar’s Shan State

8 January 2019

Civil strife has turned Myanmar’s Shan State into a crystal methamphetamine hub. The richer the traffickers get, the harder the underlying conflicts will be to resolve. 

Rebel attack in DR Congo Ebola zone kills 18

25 September 2018

At least 14 civilians and four soldiers were killed in a six-hour attack by rebels on Beni in eastern Congo, the army and local officials said, disrupting efforts to contain an Ebola epidemic.

Mogadishu hit by two car bombs

25 September 2018

One person died and another was injured in two car bombs that exploded in the heart of the Somali capital with Islamist group al Shabaab claiming responsibility for the attacks.

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