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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Tacticom International's Business Hours?
Tacticom’s operational hours are 24/7.
What is the difference between a Tactical Officer and a Close Protection Officer / Bodyguard?

A Bodyguard is a Close Protection Officer (CPO) that is tasked to protect the client (called the principle). Comprehensive protection might require several CPO’s, depending on the risk profile of the principle. Our Tactical officers are utilised for special operations such as asset & farm protection, armed escorts, and tactical armed reaction to name a few.

Do you only protect Celebrities or Politicians?

We can protect any private individual, groups of people, organizations or property from harm.

Can Tacticom provide transport?

Yes, we can provide several modes of transportation, armoured and non-armoured luxury vehicles, riot vehicles, helicopters, private chartered airplanes etc.

What training do you offer?

We can offer various types of training via our partners, please contact us for more information

What are the requirements of employment at Tacticom International?

As we are a South African Security Company all applicants must comply with the relevant local regulations. We prefer healthy applicants with sober habits who are non-smokers. We are very thorough with our pre-employment screening for all possible candidates, we seek honest and reliable operators.

– Minimum 5 – 10 years Close Protection Experience
– Certified Close Protection training
– Business Firearm Competency
– Drivers License
– Must pass fitness and tactical proficiency test

Tactical Officer:
– Minimum 5 – 10 years of relevant experience
– Certified Tactical training
– Business Firearm Competency
– Drivers License
– Must pass fitness and tactical proficiency test

– Minimum 5 – 10 years of relevant experience
– Certified Technical Training
– Full proficiency in Alarms & Surveillance Systems, Networking, Access Control
– Must pass the technical proficiency test

Contact Us if you are interested in being a part of the Tacticom team.


Can you provide undercover / covert or highly visible / overt services?

In the security industry, it is good to have both overt and covert measures in place. Mostly we are facing two types of adversaries, opportunists and the planner. We need to display a certain level of visible security to deter the opportunist, while unseen and clever measures to thwart the determined criminal.

We prefer overt protection details as it draws less attention to our clients. Our Close Protectors will dress and travel with the principle and if an adversary wants to eliminate the principle – identification of the client and his protection won’t be so obvious.

We need to be proactive in our approach to preventing crime and highly reactive in catching the perpetrators.

Why should you use Tacticom International to protect personnel or property?

In this competitive market place where high service levels and competent personnel are expected, what sets us apart from our competition?

We want to add value to our client’s operations by providing cost-effective protection. By integrating technology and manpower we provide a balanced solution. Companies are facing ever-increasing expenditures and downscaling of its workforce, so to combat this a new innovative approach is needed to resolve the challenges of the future.

In which countries does Tacticom provide services?

We are a proudly South African company, but we provide services in any country we are legally allowed to.

What is the cost of a bodyguard?

Pricing depends on various factors:

  • Risk Profile & Amount of CPO’s required
  • Location & Duration

Contact us today to get your competitive quotation.

Can we hire a bodyguard just for a few hours?

Yes, call us for a competitive quotation.

Do you offer finance for big Technical projects?

Yes, we can provide financing or ‘rent to own’ agreements for small to large projects.

What Technical services do you provide?

We install a wide range of electronic security measures and access control systems. We specialise in security systems that integrate with advanced analytics which will utilise neural networks and artificial intelligence.

There are many different types of video analytics out there, some don’t work that well, while others cant be managed effectively. Our system enables effective management combining different security devices into one Virtual Management Platform.

We can integrate CCTV, Fire-alarms, Human & Vehicle Tracking, Number-plate & Facial Recognition, Neural Networks, Access Control & Other Bio-metrics, POS, ATM, etc.

There are different modules depending on the clients or business needs.

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